So you want to be an Entrepreneur? Over come the fear factor !

Other than being undercapitalized when starting a new business venture, the greatest challenge that most folks face when contemplating a new business startup is the fear of failure!

Truth be told, if it wasn’t for the fear factor, many more people would take a shot at entrepreneurship! As one of our former presidents once said” we have nothing to fear except fear itself”. This is very true when starting a new business venture.

Having a fear of failure when developing a new business is a very natural emotion and may be an asset. If your fearful that your new business will not succeed it should drive you to work harder, smarter, and encourage you to put all your energy, time, and resources into insuring that your new business reaches its financial and personal goals!

One of the most important ingredients in overcoming fear, is to make sure that you thoroughly enjoy the type of business that you have chosen. Select a business model that makes you want to jump out of bed each morning, run to the office, and begin to get things done! You should have a burning passion for your new business. The other ingredients that will help you to overcome your fear is enthusiasm of ”I can do it” attitude! Finally, statistics demonstrate that the success rate for a new franchise business is 90 % compared to a new independent business startup which has only a 15% success rate.

To learn more about our Freedom Lawns USA franchise partnerships call us today at 910-270-1525.

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