Freedom Lawns Franchises Continues To Expand In North Carolina

Freedom Lawns USA recently awarded three new franchise locations in North Carolina according to President and Founder Mark A. Tamn. The three new locations are Wake, Johnston, and North and South Brunswick Counties. “We are seeing a great deal of interest in entrepreneurs seeking businesses that have not been adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic“ Tamn explained. “The American spirit for business ownership is still very much alive and well. Many of our franchise owners experienced nice growth in 2020“. Most potential prospects we speak to seem to be looking for business opportunities in the service industry that would not be set back by events such as COVID-19 and at the same time, offer residual income opportunities. Freedom Lawns fits that criteria well!”.

Freedom Lawns is an organic based lawn and plant care franchise company which was started in 1999 by Mark and Lynn Tamn. The company currently has operations in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Virginia

To contact Freedom Lawns USA, visit or call 910-270-1525 to get more information on Freedom Lawns franchise partnerships.

Freedom Lawns Franchise Owners “Zoom“ Into Annual Business Meeting December 11th, 2020

The Freedom Lawns annual franchise owners meeting is usually filled with the sharing of some good food, personal lawn care “war stories”, and some laughs. Due to the concern of COVID-19, this year’s meeting like most gatherings throughout the world went virtual.

Although some of the in-person comradery was certainly missed, the event still included some extremely useful information that should propel all owners to the next level in 2021!

A few of the topics that were discussed included some new products that will be available this spring, the role out of the newest Freedom Lawns TV and video spots, TV streaming options, social media and website enhancements, direct mail options and more!

Although we all missed the “social“ experience that our previous in person meetings offered, our first and hopefully last virtual meeting was generally considered a success and a building block toward a profitable 2021 for all!

8 Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Franchise

Buying a franchise can be an easy and straightforward way to dive into your entrepreneurial dreams. Consider that, with a franchise, you are buying into a proven business model and most of the hard work required upfront has been done for you. You can buy into a widely known and respected brand and capitalize on the brand awareness and support from headquarters.

However, when purchasing a franchise, it is easy to bypass the red tape and make mistakes that can cost you in the long run.

Here are 8 costly mistakes to avoid when buying a franchise.

Not Doing Your Market Research

A successful franchise in your region does not guarantee that your specific location will be successful. You still need to do market research to determine viability of the franchise in your desired locale. Once you have done the appropriate research and found out that this concept will do well, now you’ll want to review the franchisor business plan. Why? You want to ensure that the business plan is something that makes sense for your situation. Conducting market research will save you a lot of heartache in the long run.

Buying into the Latest Trend

We get it. Poke bowl restaurants and cute tea shops are fun and trendy concepts. However, one thing to evaluate when choosing a franchise is longevity. Will the current franchise trend hold up in the years to come? Franchise directories like to promote current “hot” franchises, but these are meaningless for the most part. Investing in a tried-and-true franchise is more likely to be the better bet. If you have done your local market research, evaluated the franchisor business plan, and still want to pursue a trendy franchise, then you are better off than someone who is choosing a trendy franchise simply for the novelty.

Hiring an Attorney Too Late

Hiring an attorney with experience representing franchisees should be done before you sign the franchise disclosure document. The value that an experienced attorney brings is immeasurable. He or she can help translate the difficult legal language of the agreement, advise on business entity structure, and guide you pre- and post-purchase.

Failing to Read Through the Franchise Disclosure Document

A critical step in the franchise buying process is validation of the franchise. The franchise disclosure document is a lengthy document that lays out everything you will need to know, including fees, how to manage the operation, reporting, restrictions, current franchisees, and so much more. During the review of the FDD, you will be able to evaluate if the franchise is in alignment with how you want to do business. It is important that you understand every clause before proceeding with the purchase. As mentioned above, this is where an attorney will become helpful.

You will want to contact a few of the existing and former franchisees to learn about their experience within the franchise system. While you cannot reasonably expect every franchisee to be 100% satisfied, you will want to approach the franchisor with the information found so you can get feedback. Failing to validate the franchise is a big mistake that can be costly down the road.

Believing Bigger is Better

A common assumption is that the larger the franchise, the more successful it must be. Therefore, you let your guard down and ignore warning signs or fail to do proper research. Large franchises can reach a point of market saturation and offer less economic value due to smaller territories. There is also the risk of poor reputation with a mega franchise system. For example, a certain restaurant franchise that we all know and love, has a reputation for their ice cream machines always being broke. This has led to many memes and viral social media posts mocking the franchise. A smaller franchise that is financially profitable and with a good reputation can also provide an excellent opportunity.

No Business Planning

The popular quote from Alan Lakein is “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” There is no truer sentiment in business.  While buying a franchise comes with a set of systems and procedures in place, you will still need to do yearly, quarterly, and monthly business planning. A business plan will help you plan future launches, marketing campaigns, revenue projections, and keep you on track in terms what needs to be done and how to do it.

Not Checking Core Values

Simon Sinek is famous for his concept that people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. The ‘why’ he is referring to is your beliefs and values. It is important to know why and how the franchise came to be in existence. If a franchise is in it only for the money or the values differ from your, you will have a rough time down the road.

You Go Rogue

One of the benefits of buying into a franchise is the brand awareness and proven business model. So, while you think the color scheme could be improved or the menu expanded, it is best to bring it up to headquarters instead of going rogue. A consequence of implementing unapproved changes to the business could be turning off customers who are loyal to the brand or violating your franchisee terms of agreement.

By avoiding these 8 costly mistakes when opening a franchise, you will increase your odds of succeeding with your chosen franchise.

Freedom Lawns Introduces New Granular Compost Top-Dressing Service

Freedom Lawns announced the introduction of a new service – Granular Compost Top Dressing, which is an all-natural soil conditioner and fertilizer. The lawn treatment is now available as a service from all Freedom Lawns franchises.

“A key aspect of lawn care and maintenance is amending the soil to create a healthy nutrient-rich source where grass and plants can flourish, naturally,” said Freedom Lawns founder and turf expert Mark Tamn. “It’s a great method of improving your soil thus resulting in better lawn health.”

Freedom Lawns chose to add granular compost top dressing to its many lawn care services since it is an effective way to create quality soil. Top dressing typically consists of a compost derived from leaf and yard trimmings, and nutrient-rich topsoil. After the granular compost addition to a lawn, the soil’s ability to hold water and nutrients greatly increases.

This method improves a lawn’s drought tolerance, water efficiency, and helps to maximize nutrient availability for grass and plants. Also, granular compost raises a lawn’s organic matter and promotes beneficial microorganisms in the soil that help break down thatch and grass trimmings and protect grass and plants from fungus diseases and some sub-surface insect feeding.

Because of the root stimulation and the abundant access to moisture and nutrients, the ultimate benefit of granular compost will be a thicker, healthier lawn. Granulated compost must be made from only from plant matter and must undergo a proper 12–18-month composting process. Granular compost is then turned at proper intervals and the core temperature of the piles must be always maintained.

Random samples of the bulk compost are tested to ensure they are free of weed seeds, insect eggs, any pathogens, any pesticides, or heavy-metal contamination. Freedom Lawns is one of a select few companies in the United States that now offers a 100% natural granular compost top dressing for lawns.

For more information, contact your local Freedom Lawns office today.

Freedom Lawns USA & COVID-19 Virus

undefinedThe good health of our franchise partners, their families and all Freedom Lawn’s clients is our highest priority during the Covid-19 crises. We have taken all the necessary steps to ensure the safety of everyone associated with Freedom Lawns USA.

We are pleased to report that while other industries are unfortunately unable to operate during these trying times, our franchise owners continue to generate revenue and growth. This is directly related to the structure of our programs and philosophies which are the perfect model for social distance mandates during economic downturns.

Want A Great Looking Lawn or Landscape?


One of my most vivid memories while studying soil science in college, was when one of my fellow students referred to soil as “dirt.” Using the word dirt instead of soil did not go over so well to my brilliant, but stuffy professor who immediately said to my classmate. “Son, we’re taking about soil here with thousands of living microorganisms, not dirt. Dirt is something you sweep up with a vacuum cleaner.” As rude as that was, the professor got his point across. From that day forward, everyone in the class referred to that top layer of the earth where plants grow as soil, not dirt!

undefinedTruth be told, the key to all plant life is a healthy soil. A healthy soil is determined by the amount of beneficial microbial activity, nutrient value, and of course, the soils pH value. All plants have specific soil Ph factors for optimum growth and good health. For example, the soils pH for a healthy blueberry crop is 4.3 to 5.0. These pH values are considered very low and most plants would perform poorly in these acidic ranges. Contrary to that, most plants, flowers, and trees will perform well at a soil pH between 6.0 and 7.0 with 6.5 being ideal. The specific soil pH requirements for each plant type will directly affect the plant or trees ability to utilize the natural nutrients in the soil or fertilizer applied. If a pH value is not within a range considered favorable for a certain plant, that plant may not reach its fullest potential.

The amount of organic matter in a soil also plays a role in the health of a plant. Organic fertilizers, compost, and humates, all help feed microorganisms that are in turn, responsible for converting nutrients in the soil into a form that the plants can absorb and use.

undefinedA healthy soil will also have good air movement, allowing the roots to grow and breathe. This is one reason why core aeration is performed so often on golf course greens and higher maintained home lawns. The loose non-compacted soil structure will provide a healthy environment for microbes and will allow your plants root system to become more extensive and robust. In turn, the loose non-compacted soil structure will handle environmental stresses and pest pressures much better.

So, the next time you go to the garden center to buy a plant, don’t forget to pick up some good dirt….I mean soil!

Freedom Lawns USA Hosts 2019 Turfgrass and Plant Care Workshop

Freedom Lawns USA conducted their annual Turfgrass and Plant care workshop on September 26, 2019. The event was held along the beautiful beachfront in Surf City, NC at the Surf City Welcome Center.

A star filled lineup of speakers presented valuable information to our franchise owners and their employees. Matt Martin Extensions Turfgrass Specialist, NC State University discussed some of the latest research and products in the lawn care industry. Horticulture extension coordinator Susan Brown gave us insight into the some of the more common insect and disease issues that were problematic during the recent growing season. Dr Susana Milla-Lewis, NC State University gave a fascinating insight on the Turfgrass Breeding and Genetic engineering of new Turf varieties and cultivars being worked on at the University. Lee Butler, Coordinator of the NC State University diagnostic lab and extension plant pathology Department, explained the process that takes place in diagnosing various diseases and plant parasitic nematodes.

Freedom Lawns USA’s CEO and Founder Mark A. Tamn gave the group some good information on steps for diagnosing lawn and plant care problems and making sound agronomic decisions in the field.

The group also enjoyed a tasty lunch at Daddy Mac’s Beachfront Restaurant compliments of the Freedom Lawns Corporate office following the workshop. The day was considered a great success by all who attended!

Adversity Won’t Keep Her Down!

The Story of a woman owned franchise.

Kathleen Smith
Freedom Lawns Charleston

Being a woman in a predominantly male oriented industry such as professional lawn care hasn’t deterred Kathleen Smith, owner of Freedom Lawns of Charleston, SC, from achieving success with her organic based lawn care franchise!

At a young age, you could find her on the court and on the green with the rest of the guys. She loved sports and was always outside. When her brothers were too young to play golf, she played in a “father and son” golf tournaments with her dad. Never did Kathleen feel out of place or at a disadvantage because she was a girl. “I was just another one in the game, trying to win! That’s how I even feel now in the business world,” said Kathleen. As one would assume, lawn care of any type is not a job you would expect to see a woman in a leadership role. Never has she viewed herself as different from the guys she works with.

In owning a Freedom Lawns USA Franchise, Kathleen found that her greatest challenge is not working with men, but rather juggling all her responsibilities. “Owning a business means that there are many times in which business bleeds into your personal time. I get behind on my own lawn work, things around the house and even having quality time with my daughters,” stated Kathleen.

She has also faced challenges in her family life all while trying to run her own business. In the same year that Kathleen started her Freedom Lawns her husband was diagnosed with ALS. In a year and a half her husband’s ALS progressed and with it came adjustments during his illness and after he passed. To make matters worse, a couple of years later her business partner decided to pursue other interests.

These events, however, did not discourage Kathleen from growing her Freedom Lawns business. “I wouldn’t have believed I could overcome all the hurdles. I don’t ever stop and think about it. I just stay in the present and try to keep moving forward,” expressed Kathleen.

When starting the business, Kathleen stated that the corporate office really set her up for success. “The franchise gave me the framework to build my business. By following the guidelines they created for success, I was able to adapt to the world or entrepreneurship.” She also mentioned that during those difficult times in her life the corporate office was there to guide her. “It never goes without bumps in the road, but the corporate office is there to guide me through those too,” added Kathleen.

So, in her advice to woman who want to become business owners she states that, “as in everything in life, things don’t always go as planned. Don’t give up, just adjust to the situation and find a way to keep moving forward.” Kathleen also mentioned that you must take the time to find something that will be fulfilling to you and to know your strengths and weaknesses. “Make sure you understand what you can expect out of your business at start up and aim high but anticipate the struggles that will surely come along with such a journey. Sometimes setting yourself up for success can take years. You have to decide the path that will work best for you.”

Kathleen has certainly found her path and now her Freedom Lawn operation is one of the finest lawn care companies in the Charleston area. Great work Kathleen!

Freedom Lawns is an organic based lawn care franchise company based out of North Carolina.