How To Repair Dog Urine Patches in Your Lawn

As pet parents, soon or later you will probably notice patches on your lawn from them doing what man’s best friend does best – pee on the grass. Due to the high amounts of nitrogen and other salts naturally present in their urine, even the most sturdy lawns can show the effects of your pet’s urine when in concentrated amounts. 

So what can you do about it? Well, here’s a few tips on repairing and minimizing the damage your fur babies can have on your lawn:

Removal & Repair

Gently remove a majority of the dead grass, ensuring you remove the center portion and any other debris. Slowly but surely the spot will begin to fill in for most warm-season lawns. 

Rake & Replace

For larger brown spots, you may need to rake the spot out thoroughly and replace the affected area with sod to fully repair the spot. This method accelerates the repair process and the lawn will look more uniform quicker.

Preventative Measures

You might be the type of dog owner that has a spacious lawn so your dog can run free and get that pent-up energy out of their system. But when the dog has been inside for a longer period of time, you might want to consider placing them on a leash so you can steer your pets to natural areas at the border of your grass line to better protect from urine patches.

Watch & Rinse

If you are the proactive type, immediately after your dog relieves themselves dilute the affected area with water to lessen the urine’s effect on your lawn. Fortunately, healthy lawns will recover on their own most times when new grass overtakes the affected area. But if the damage is very noticeable and more widespread, ask your Freedom Lawns turf specialist for assistance.

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