The Science of Turf Management

Deciding to make a career change and enter the world of entrepreneurship for the first time can be a frightening experience.

Selecting a franchise system that is a good fit and offers you the opportunity to achieve your financial and personal goals will help ease the pressure for first time business owners.

The professional lawn care industry may be just the career change you’ve been looking for. As long as there are residential homes, commercial properties, and athletic fields, there will always be a need for well-trained, knowledgeable turf managers. At your Freedom Lawns franchise partner, we provide the training you need to gain the technical skills to become an elite turf professional in your market.

Turf management is truly a science. As a result, there are very few landscape, mowing, or maintenance firms that have the proper training or technical knowledge to properly maintain or make sound agronomic decisions concerning turf management.

In addition to being a profitable business, owning a Freedom Lawns franchise can offer you a sense of self-satisfaction. When you see the results of a thin, weedy, unappealing, area of grass transformed into a beautiful, green, weed-free lawn, you and your clients will appreciate the fruits of your labor.

We can show you how to become a turf professional and succeed in an industry that will always be in high demand by the consumer. Entrepreneurs who are willing to dedicate their time and energy will benefit with a rewarding financial future.

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