Why “now” is the best time to consider a Freedom Lawns USA Organic based franchise partnership

A global pandemic, a downturn in the economy, unrest in some of our largest cities, and a political environment that is not only uncertain, but hostile.

Are there any industries in today’s world that can escape these horrific times, remain profitable, and even manage to grow? You bet there is.

Our Freedom Lawns philosophy can be summed up like this, “The best way to predict the future is to take matters into your own hands, believe in yourself, and make something happen!

The Professional Lawn Care industry (not mowing, but making lawns healthier, more pest free, and beautiful), has been around since the early 1960s. During this time, our industry has worked through at least four periods of economic downturn and has maintained or grown in every one of these periods.

Most Recently, many of our Freedom Lawns franchise partners have experienced their most successful and profitable year to date during our recent Covid-19 pandemic.

How did that happen? First, our franchise system offers our franchise partners all the tools they need to be successful. This includes a lawn and plant care program that works, a marketing team that is skilled, creative, and loves to produce results, and a system that is easy for others to follow. Second, our business model is affordable for most and viewed by homeowners and commercial managers alike as a great value. Third, our unique approach to professional lawn care and dedication toward environmental stewardship makes Freedom Lawns a clear choice for the consumer.

So yes, there is no better time for us to help you take matters into your own hands and lets start making something happen together!

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