Freedom Lawns Introduces New Granular Compost Top-Dressing Service

Freedom Lawns announced the introduction of a new service – Granular Compost Top Dressing, which is an all-natural soil conditioner and fertilizer. The lawn treatment is now available as a service from all Freedom Lawns franchises.

“A key aspect of lawn care and maintenance is amending the soil to create a healthy nutrient-rich source where grass and plants can flourish, naturally,” said Freedom Lawns founder and turf expert Mark Tamn. “It’s a great method of improving your soil thus resulting in better lawn health.”

Freedom Lawns chose to add granular compost top dressing to its many lawn care services since it is an effective way to create quality soil. Top dressing typically consists of a compost derived from leaf and yard trimmings, and nutrient-rich topsoil. After the granular compost addition to a lawn, the soil’s ability to hold water and nutrients greatly increases.

This method improves a lawn’s drought tolerance, water efficiency, and helps to maximize nutrient availability for grass and plants. Also, granular compost raises a lawn’s organic matter and promotes beneficial microorganisms in the soil that help break down thatch and grass trimmings and protect grass and plants from fungus diseases and some sub-surface insect feeding.

Because of the root stimulation and the abundant access to moisture and nutrients, the ultimate benefit of granular compost will be a thicker, healthier lawn. Granulated compost must be made from only from plant matter and must undergo a proper 12–18-month composting process. Granular compost is then turned at proper intervals and the core temperature of the piles must be always maintained.

Random samples of the bulk compost are tested to ensure they are free of weed seeds, insect eggs, any pathogens, any pesticides, or heavy-metal contamination. Freedom Lawns is one of a select few companies in the United States that now offers a 100% natural granular compost top dressing for lawns.

For more information, contact your local Freedom Lawns office today.

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