Practice the 3 “F’s” and success will follow !

People tend to try their hand at entrepreneurship for a variety of reasons. Quite naturally, making lots of money ( or profits, there is a difference ) always seems to be the number one driving force. For others, enjoying the satisfaction and self gratification of building a business venture from a zero base- from the ground up and transforming it into a company that is profitable, and will benefit others is a motivator. And of course, most astute folks understand that a successful and profitable business may someday play a major role in their roadmap for retirement. Whatever the driving force is in starting your own business, there are some tried and tested principals that will help you succeed.

Have you ever thought about some of the traits that most successful business people all seem to have in common ? I like to call them the 3 F’s – FAITH, FAMILY, AND FAIRNESS!

FAITH-Most successful people are a type A personality . Outgoing , confident, energetic, ambitious, and yes, maybe a little cocky ! But deep inside, most people who have succeeded in the world of entrepreneurship, realize that their achievements are not only a product of their long hours and hard work, but also their faith in a spiritual being that has given them hope through the tough times guided them throughout their careers! A wise man once said ” a man of Courage is a man of faith ” It takes courage to be a business owner, and the ones who success do have faith !

FAMILY-One of the most difficult things for entrepreneurs to do is balance their time between family and business! If you are married and have children, it is important to budget your time wisely between your business commitments and your family obligations ! Breaking away from business stress by spending quality time with your family will actually improve your ability to lead and help make you a better business manager. Keep in mind that your family might also be your greatest support team while growing your business. Advice, understanding and encouragement from parents, spouses , and other family members can be a huge asset in helping you achieve your business goals.

FAIRNESS– A business owner who is well respected by their peers, ,employees, business associate’s, and even competitors will always have a distinct advantage in the world of entrepreneurship ! People want to be a part of a team that has a leader who is respected and is admired for their integrity, fairness and business savvy! How you conduct yourself in the business world may determine who wants to form a business relationship with your brand because at the end of the day, you as the leader of the company are the brand !

Implementing, growing, and maintaining a successful business requires many different attributes and each one of us will develop our own unique management style . Remembering the 3 “F”s and applying them into your daily routine will certainly give you that competitive edge in the business world !

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